Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No more MIMI !!!!

Last Tuesday night I told Taylor he does not need his Mimi (pacifier) anymore because he is a big boy. I started naming friends of his that do not have pacifiers because they are big kids. I asked him if he wanted to try to go to sleep without his mimi he said yes. HE DID!!! I'm happy and sad all at the same time. My Little boy is getting so big. The next day he took his mimi and threw it away in the trash and told Pat he did not need it anymore because "I'm a big boy now" After Taylor left the room Pat went and got it back out of the trash. I think Pat is just as sad as I am if not sadder.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Taylor, Brianna, and Spencer

Little Stinker, Messy face. Oh Pencer and Daddy.
Clean boy.
I know this pic is kinda blurry, but I love how cute his smile is.

More Treasure Hunt Pics

X marks the Spot and Chocolate Money

Digging up the Treasure.

Yummy Reece's pieces peanut butter cups

( Taylor calls them Chocolate Money)
The Treasure.

Treasure Hunt

Our neighbors Justin and Heather put together a treasure hunt for their daughter Brianna and
Taylor. Justin made a real authentic map and put half in there mail box and the other half in ours. Taylor was so excited he could not wait till after church to go over to there house and find the treasure. He also could not stop talking about it for days. He still says he wants to find another treasure. Here are pics of the map and them on the hunt.

Isn't this map neat. It looks so real.
Taylor and Brianna with their maps.
On the hunt.
They each got silly string to spray on the snakes (don't worry they were fake)!
They both wore bandannas on there heads.

The Orangutan Exhibit

Look at this things face it is huge. Poor thing.

The Orangutan Exhibit Greenville Zoo

Here is The Orangutan exhibit. It was awesome. The mommy had a baby recently it was so cute.

The Greenville Zoo

We went to the Greenville Zoo with some friends from church. The zoo is small but the animals and the way you could view them were great. You could see all the animals up close. It was great. Taylor really liked it, I did too.

The Elephant Exhibit.
Taylor and Roxy.
Look how beautiful this giraffe is.
Tanner, Conlan, Taylor, and Jonathan.
Look at this picture of the lion. I loved how I was able to get great close ups of the animals. I have never been able to do this at other zoos.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Taylor singing Follow the Prophet

I have to say I'm quit impressed with my little man.

Playing in the water

Here is Branden
Taylor and Branden
Taylor having so much fun.
Cute as a button.

My two Fire Chiefs

We had a preparedness day at Church a couple of months back. Taylor got this fire chief hat from the fire fighters that had a smoke house going on. I did not see it, but a smoke house is this little house that feels up with smoke and you have to feel your way out. One of the young women took Taylor to this, he did not want to do it. That's OK, he had fun playing with his hat. and it looks cute on Spencer too.

The Fourth of July

On the fourth of July Taylor, Spencer and I went to our neighbors house for a neighborhood barbecue. Pat had to work till about 8pm so we did not go see fireworks, but the week before our neighbors put on a little show here are some pictures of Taylor and Pat. Brianna, Heather and Branden. Justin our neighbor had ear muffs from the driving range and let Taylor borrow them. Taylor is very sensitive to the loud bangs. These worked wonders, he was able watch them and still hear us and the fireworks. We had so much fun!!!

Look at those cheeks

Fathers Day

OK, so I know it has been a while and I need to catch up. So for those of you who have not looked at my blog in awhile you might want to look at one more page of older posts to catch up there are some cute videos of the boys. Here is Taylor making Pat a craft for fathers day. He had so much fun. And even more fun getting messy, and those of you who know Taylor he does not like to get messy. This is coming from a kid who would fall in the grass until just about 3 months ago and hold his hands in the air wanting me to clean them off. Heather Harper you know what I'm talking about you were there for all of that. But with in the last three months he loves to play in the dirt, he is still kind of clean about it. Anyways he had so much fun doing this craft, he started clapping his hands together and I just let him. I did not want to spoil his fun. And look at that sweet face.

Look how cute his face is. Messy, Messy, Messy.

Video of Taylor playing on the swing Set

Here is a video of Taylor playing on the new swing set. Thank you Justin and Heather for letting us come play. And thank you Justin for all the hard work in putting it together. Daddy thanks for the help you gave Justin too. I have to say that I am very proud of Taylor climbing the rock wall all by himself. Love, and miss all of you. Love you Nana!!!!! Here is the video you asked for.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Swing Set

Our next door neighbors put up a swing set. Taylor and Spencer go over to play on it at least once a day. Taylor loves it, I can't believe my little Taylor climbs up the rock wall and slides down the slide, he still needs a little help with the slide, but he has the rock wall mastered. This is crazy because any of you who know Taylor know he is a real cautious little boy. And believe it or not I likes the swing too, but not as much as the rest. Here are some pics and I will upload a video as well.