Monday, March 2, 2009

First HAIR Cut ;(

Well I waited as long as possible. Spencer's hair was getting real stringy. It would just start looking ratty right after it would dry from the tub. It made me so sad. Spence is too cute. He loves getting into everything and does not want to play with anything but things he can not have. Like remotes, computers, in cabinets, and etc....

S-N-O-W !-!-!-!

Well, just as we thought we would not see snow this year, this happened. Can I tell you we were so excited. It was awesome. It started snowing at 3:30 Sunday and did not stop snowing till about 1am. We had a lot of fun, at least Pat and I did. Taylor had a bad fever starting sunday at church. He did go out for a little while with Spencer. I had to work Monday and Taylor and Pat were both down and out on the couch all day. So no pics of anyone playing in the snow, to bad. It was so amazing watching the snow just keep comming down. This is the real first snow storm I have ever been in. We loved it.