Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh, Florida

Pat, I and the Boys came to Florida this week end till Wednesday. It is Sunday and Taylor, Spencer, and I just got home from church. Man I really miss it here. Taylor got to see all his friends at church, and I got to see mine. It was so nice. I was also able to see all my old coworkers at one of their little boys birthday parties. I really miss it down here. Obviously I've mentioned it twice. I wish I had pics of all the people we were able to see again.

It has been so nice to see Pats Mom and two sisters. We have missed them. Luckily they are just a days drive away. We are going to have to come back in the spring.

We went to the beach the first day we got here. It was so nice and warm. Taylor loved it and started right where he left off, getting right into the water and having a wonderful time. Spencer's first time at the beach was amazing. He loved it just a much as Taylor. He was crawling around with sand all over him. You know I can not believe he did not eat the Sand, He is my eater, he eats everything even paper, so for him not even trying to put any sand in his mouth was great. It was more toward evening time so we were shaded by a hotel which was great I did not have to worry about Spencer's skin. He also loved the water, I had to take him in to get all the sand off and he just jumped and splashed. I can not wait to go back before we leave. My sister in law Courtney took pics of Taylor and Spencer at the beach so I will post them once she sends them to me.

The Birthday party was awesome. I was able to see Sabrina, Beth, Ashley, and Leah my old coworkers. Man I miss them all. We had so much fun working together. All our kids are the same age so it was fun seeing them all interact and play. They all are so cute. Ashley's to Wilson and Grace wow I can not believe how big they have gotten and Gracy is so stinking cute. Then Logan and Mason, it was Logan's party. He turned 3. Beth's little guy Dominic so cute with milky white skin and sweet big eyes, you can just see his personality coming out of them. Then there was Ethan how is just starting to talk. I love the way he says "Horsey". It was nice to see Sabrina's mom again she is so sweet. And the made the most wonderful Empanadas sorry don't know how to spell that.

Then seeing all my friends from church Kristy, Jenny, Rachel, Deanna, Amanda and many others. Rachel's baby is so cute, it was the first time I was able to see her. Kristy's little Logan is the cutes little butter ball, makes me smile thinking of him. And Mia has gotten so big. So has Kai, Daxton and Jacy. Jacy was born a week before Spencer she is so long. And how can i forget Isabella, Taylor's Belle. He loves her so much. He brought her a lay necklace to church and sat next to her during sacrament meeting. They were so cute.

This is everything up to date. We are leaving on Wednesday, and my shoes are already full of sand.