Friday, August 29, 2008

More Pics of the Aquirum

This Aquarium was awesome. There was so much to see and do. Taylor loved it. It kept going and going.

Our trip to Tennessee

We decided to go to Tennessee kind of on a whim, Pat had Tuesday and Wednesday off. So we drove to Tennessee Tuesday around 1pm and came home Wednesday around 4pm. It was a short trip but we had a lot of fun, and made some good memories. Every time we go to Tennessee we stay at Hidden Mountain Inn which are cabins you can rent in the Smokey Mountains. We love it there. We stumbled across it on our honeymoon driving from Arizona to Florida and have gone back every year but two, the year Taylor was born and last year. This year we went to Ripley's Aquarium and I am so glad we did, the boys loved it, especially Taylor. It was huge and it just seemed to kept going and going, I will blog pics of the aquarium soon. We went to our favorite restaurant twice Applewood Restaurant a must as usual. I am so glad we went. I can not wait to go back.
This is the cabin we stayed in "Time Stops Here" I really felt at peace up there. I didn't think about anything and just lived and enjoyed the time with Pat and the boys. Each cabin has its own name, we have never stayed in the same cabin twice, each cabin has a jacuzzi tub and a jacuzzi on the balcony. One year we rented a cabin with a ping pong table on the balcony. There are so many fun things to do up here. One year we went horse back riding. We have not gone white water rafting yet and now we will have to wait till the boys get older, but that is defiantly something I would love to do.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More to come.

Well there is still more to come, our trip to Tennessee, pics that our friend took of us while he was in town, the aquarium in Tennessee, and other random pics of the boys stay tuned. I'm just to tired it is 11:49pm. I need my beauty sleep. Good night! Dad if you see this, sorry I did not do more like I told you over the phone but my eyes are killing me. Love you!!!!

Tay and his Pence

I love this pics the difference between the two if them is amazing to me.

Can I tell you how badly we needed this double stroller my only regret is that we did not get it before Spencer was born.
Look at this Stud!!!

Spencer Fun!!

sorry about the red eye but i thought this was too cute look at that red hair, or should I say orange.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Blog Background

I'm excited to say that I made my on blog background. I never really new about digital scrap booking. I might have heard the word on time or another. Well my sister Kathi and I were talking about it and so I went to all these sights and got free digital scrap booking paper, elements, alphabets, and etc. I then down loaded gimp on my computer, which is like photo shop and created this template. I think it looks pretty good for my first one.