Monday, November 10, 2008

Florida trip September

This is the river walk for any of you how lived in Sanford you will remember this. This is what it looked like about 2 weeks after tropical storm Fay came and went. Can you believe how flooded it still was.

I think this is the cutest pic of spencers Duff.

Us at the beach!!! Miss this.

Sept pics of Florida trip

Sept trip to Florida

OK so I know it has been a while, but on my defence I was in AZ for a month in October. It was a fun but loooooong trip, especially with 2 little ones. Taylor is doing great, he loves his little brother. One thing that makes me sad it Taylor does not like my kisses anymore, WHAT. He is only three come on I thought I would get kisses from him till at least age five. Maybe this is just a little faze. Spencer is to cute he has 4 teeth now 2 top 2 bottom. Spence can stand but still will not walk he has been standing for at month now. He is so cute he will be standing at the table and lift up his arms up and down huffing and puffing and laughing it is so cute. Spencer will eat anything and is so messy. Defiantly getting use to that one, Tay was so clean. Well I will upload some pics now. Some will be from our trip to Florida.