Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ok so, the boys and I went to Arizona for 5 weeks. We had a lot of fun seeing family that we love and miss so much. I only put a few pics on so they will all be on one page, I will update again in a couple of days. Taylor loved it. So did I. Wow it has been 2 years since we had been home. It had been a long time comming. I was so grateful to see my sisters, dad, grandparents, pats sister and some other relatives. Here are some pics of our trip.
Taylor, Grandpa, Grandma, Spencer and I.

Courtney, I and the boys.
Taylor and I at the Zoo.
Aunt Courtney and Spencer
Oh too Cute!!!

here is a picture of me and the boys at my grandparents house in Arizona.

Here is a picture of Taylor playing at the Phoenix Zoo.
Pic of Spencer and Me at the zoo.
Taylor and George.
Courtney, Taylor, Spencer and I.