Monday, December 21, 2009

The Boys

Here is a picture of Taylor hiding his letters to show Nana and I what he wrote. The two that go with it are under the next pictures of Spencer.
Spencer looking cute on a small dump truck, he pulls up the back and sits on it.

Here is what happens when you leave the step stool next to fresh baked cookie. I yelled NO!!!!! and Spencer shoved the cookie in to his mouth as fast as he could. It was Hilarious.

Now here is the product of Taylor's Hard work and Concentration. Great Job Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!

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*Ashleigh* said...

too cute! They seem to have their Mommies smarts and sass! I love it! Merry Christmas girl! I am going back to my blog to post some belly shots... oh boy... or should I say oh girl! Haha ;) I miss you, it's good to see your updates and super cute kiddos!